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The Mind - Body Connection


Pneuma Trance® It is a technique where we use what can be called holotropic breathing, Rebirthing Breathwork, pranayama, etc. along with hypnosis.

This unique combination serves as a potent tool for healing and self-exploration, aiming to facilitate access to deep consciousness. The synergy of holotropic breathwork and hypnotherapy enables the release of repressed emotions and the reprogramming of misunderstood memories, particularly those rooted in early life experiences. These memories, often inaccessible due to the nature of childhood or protective mental blocks, impact individuals in ways that may go unrecognized. The integration of these techniques seeks to break through these limitations and promote personal growth and understanding.


It integrates ideas from psychedelia, research, anthropology, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and world mystical traditions.


It is important to remember that Pneuma Trance® and Hypnotherapy are powerful techniques that must be facilitated by trained professionals

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